Since changing my booking platform, things have become a bit more streamlined. Now, when you book online, you will use a credit card to hold your appointment (no more paying half and having to remember there is a balance due). You will not be charged up front for anything. If you miss your appointment, you will be charged as per the cancellation policy. Once your appointment is over you will have the option of charging the card on file that you booked with, or you can choose another payment method.

Clients have frequently asked me how they can leave gratuity since these changes have been made. So, let’s talk about it.

Gratuity is a wonderful thing that comes in many forms. Some of my clients immediately book their next appointment before they leave. Sometimes I get homemade treats or little gifts from their travels. A nice review or referral is always appreciated and helpful. Sometimes it is a hug or a simple “Thank You”. And of course, you can always leave money. Venmo, PayPal, cash…whatever is a good option for you. Yes, there is a tipping option when you pay with a card. If that is how you would like to show your gratitude, please let me know before I charge your card. I will never prompt you to leave anything, there will be no “just a few more questions for you on the screen” from me. If you ask, I will give you options, if not, I will say thank you for coming and hope to see you real soon.

I appreciate all of my clients. Some I see weekly and some yearly. You are all important to me and I thank you for trusting and choosing me. Now go book your next appointment!

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