Setting yourself up for a good day

A morning routine can set the mood for your whole day.
I prefer setting aside the first couple of hours of the day for myself. My husband and I have coffee together and go for a walk in the neighborhood, weather permitting. I look over my schedule for the day, make my bed and water my plants. This all helps me to have a positive start to the day.
My nightly routine is just as important to my following day as my morning routine. I make sure that the kitchen is clean and that dishes are put away. Double check that the water pitcher has water in it and there is coffee to drink first thing. Having a checklist for the next day already started is super helpful for me. Reflecting on the day and finding some positives or things to be grateful for are ways that I am assured to have a good night’s sleep.
The best thing I do for my day to start out on a high note is getting a full night of restful sleep.